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By: Chris Culver

Baptism is a calling on God…It is a way of saying to God with our whole body, "I trust you to take me into Christ like Noah was taken into the ark, and to make Jesus the substitute for my sins and to bring me through these waters of death and judgment into new and everlasting life through the resurrection of Jesus my Lord." -Dunn   Sunday we held a baptism service for Aubree Walker and Gibson Culver. It was a beautiful ceremony celebrating the God that rescues us, that has planted the faith in their hearts that they have confessed in front of the church. It was a time for the family of God to reflect on our union with Christ in his death and long for our union with him in resurrection. It was a welcoming of children, born again, into the family of God. It was wonderful to hear the church commit to accepting, loving, supporting, and pointing them to Christ. It was a gracious gift of God to all of us.