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By: Chris Culver

Gibson was pretty resolute but I wasn’t giving in either. I completely regretted the ultimatum because it was beginning to look like we would never leave the house again. He might actually not clean his room. He kept crying, “Why, daddy? Why?!” He didn’t understand why I was making him do work. If I loved him why wouldn’t I just take him to the park? He couldn’t see past the moment, couldn’t seem to recall all the other times I had taken him to the park and helped him clean his room. He could only see his current circumstance and he was convinced that I didn’t love him. When Jesus’ disciples saw a man that had been blind his whole life sitting on the side of the road they assumed that the man’s sin (in the womb) or his parent’s sin had caused him to be blind. They directly connected his situation and God’s hatred of sin. We do a similar thing but in the opposite direction. We assume that we are good with God as long as everything in our life is going fine, connecting how God feels about us with our situation. Jesus says that is simply not true. There are things going on that we can’t understand; God has his reasons and they are above us. It is not your circumstance that reveals how God feels about you; it is the cross. He loves you. Don’t believe me? Look at the cross! The cross shows that you are far worse than you could have ever dreamed and that you are loved far more than you could have ever imagined.