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Christmas Music
By: Chris Culver

The Christmas music controversy is upon us again. I stand firmly in the camp that you have to give Thanksgiving a chance. And this from a turkey hater. My good friend and BCC Minister of Worship, Brian, is already two weeks deep in Christmas music. So on this we disagree. I choose to be right and he chooses to be wrong. So be it. But we are both in strong agreement that the music during the four Sundays of Advent which lead up to Christmas provide some of the best opportunities for worship all year. One of my favorite songs we do during Advent is "Soon and Very Soon." Actually, we do this song all year long but I love it most during Advent. The song says, "Soon, and very soon, we are going to see the king." This is what we all long for in our bones. The coming of the King to set us free. The first Sunday of Advent is two weeks away but I am already two weeks deep in getting excited about celebrating the coming of the King. Go ahead, side with Brian. Deep in my heart I do too.