Sundays at 10:30 AM — Get directions

By: Chris Culver

The Apostle Paul wrote a couple of letters to the church in the town of Corinth. In one of them he says that disciples of Jesus live their lives based on different evidence than everyone else. Most people make decisions by reacting to what is happening in the world around them. Paul tells the church that they do not live their lives based on what they see but instead must live their lives based on the greater reality that God through Jesus is continuing his loving plan to restore heaven and earth. He says that we live by faith, not by sight. This is a daily fight against a slow descent into the destruction of self sufficiency. God is in control in joy and in sadness, in triumph and defeat, in plenty and in want. He has given us the gifts of community, worship, prayer, revelation, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as weapons in the fight. Busy times of the year can be the worst about robbing you of an eternal perspective. Be grateful for the gifts we've been given to fight with and use them.