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He Will Come
By: Chris Culver

Priorities are a big deal. Every day we have to choose what things we are going to give our time and attention to. Some things will get left out because there just are not enough hours in the day. What if I told you that you need to start taking an hour walk after dinner every night because it would be good for your soul and your family. Do you immediately think, "Where am I going to find time for that?!" People used to do it all the time. With what are we so busy ? With what should we be busy? The Bible tells us that we will all meet Jesus one day and you will be judged by His standard of what is important and valuable. It is admirable and necessary that we care for ourselves and our loved ones physically and mentally, but if it as the expense of the care of our souls then we are effectively denying that we have spirits. We would never forget to nourish our bodies with physical food but we so easily forget to feed our souls. Jesus will come again to judge by His priorities. How well do your's line up with His?