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Hope for Tomorrow
By: Chris Culver

On a recent trip to the beach with some of the women from my church I had a chance to read "Bronner" by Sherri Burgess and I can't stop thinking about it. In 2012 Sherri's two-year old son Bronner slipped out a door that had been left open and drowned in the family's backyard pool. It was devastating, unimaginable really. I couldn't stop crying.

But the book spoke of freedom and our hope for tomorrow. It pointed to Jesus! I was completely wowed by it. I was reminded from turning the pages that Jesus isn’t surprised or shocked by our circumstances, even our deepest tragedies. No, he created all things for his glory. Even death! He is with us, for us, and is preparing us each day for what is to come, eternity.

I finished the book with heavy hearts for close friends of mine who have lost someone dear to them. I hurt for them because loss like this is terrible and almost imaginable. But then in the same moment, I felt deep love and hope that is hard to explain. Rick Burgess, Bronner’s dad, made a profound statement when he was standing over his son for the last time. He said, “Satan miscalculated this!” He was right! Bronner’s death was no mistake and Satan did get it wrong. Christ defeated death on the cross so that I may live, my son may live, my husband may live, my parents may live, and for you to live.

Wendi Culver