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Life Change
By: Chris Culver

There are shelves full of books selling life change. Want to change your life? Cut out sugar, work for yourself, rethink your existence, give yourself space, give more away, redecorate your house, try this new workout, use this new app, take a break from technology! There is no end to the suggestions on life change because there is a big market for it. People want their lives changed. Despite the random testimonials attempting to sell us on these changes, I don't think they're working. These changes aren't making us happy. What if that's not all you need? We need more than life change. We need relationship repair.

When we choose to live in opposition to God’s will it is sin. God has a plan for you and rejection and willful disobedience damage that relationship. We don’t need to try harder to be better, we need to turn around, look to God and say we were wrong and we are sorry and we need him. We need to ask forgiveness. What can we offer to repair the damage? Nothing. We do not have anything God needs that would make up for our offense. Which is why God comes himself to pay the price, to absorb the cost. So when we turn to him in faith, confess, and repent he says to us, “Look to the cross. I have already fixed this.” What does he gain from forgiveness? You. He loves you. If you have been trying to fix your mistakes without much success, you may not need to try harder; you may need to repent of sin and repair your relationship with the God who loves you with a never-ending, forever love.