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Like Father, Like Son
By: Chris Culver

Books. Book after book after book. So many books! When Wendi told me she was pregnant I began consulting them all. I had no idea how to be a father so I began to read. Books on nutrition, spirituality, temperament, deciphering cries (seriously, I read it), exercise, socialization, and education. I’m sad to report that they were of little help and for the most part worthless. Some seemed designed to make you feel bad about not doing enough, and others made you feel bad if you were freaking out because parenting is a breeze and everyone needs to chill out. There was a good word every now and then, but for the most part they were reactionary.   But there was one tip that made it all worthwhile. The tip had to do with reading but the truth behind it was so much greater. It said that if you want your child to be able to read all you have to do is teach them. If you want them to love reading they need to see you reading. Yeah, that is true. You can buy youtube views and the same goes for almost everything. Our children will grow to value what they see us love and enjoy. They may spit back up what we shove down their throats, but they will seek out the things they see us take pleasure in.   This is one of the reasons I think it is important that we have children in worship. I used to be worried that small children would be a distraction. I now know that they definitely can be a distraction. But it is worth overlooking and dealing with those distractions to teach the children of BCC to love worshipping God and seeing their parents and other adults worshipping God will do this like nothing else can. They will learn to love what we model as worth loving. grace & peace, Chris