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Psalm 37:1-4
By: Chris Culver

I don't know anyone my age who is glad their parents let them quit piano lessons.  We're all pretty upset about it. Why didn't they make me practice? I think they should have tried harder to make me stick with it. Instead, here I sit years later, unable to play the intros to Van Halen's Jump or Toto's Hold the Line. It's a sad situation. Of course, the truth is that I didn't want to persevere. I didn't want to be disciplined enough to get to the place what I could really enjoy playing the piano. As a child, I couldn't see past the suffering to the delight.
     Here, the psalmist is telling God's people to see past the immediate to the delight. It's easy to look at the world and the wicked and envy their lives. Their lives look so much easier sometimes. But that will all pass. Trust the LORD! Be faithful. That's the path to real, eternal delight. Memorize this.