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Think Like This
By: Chris Culver

In Paul's letter to the church in the town called Philippi he urges them to have the same mindset and love the same things. He wants them to think and love like Jesus. Then he explains what he means. He says Jesus was willing to set aside all the things he was owed to come and die a criminal's death so that you could be saved. That's how we are to think. Every day learning to be obedient and care more about others than we do about our rights. Taking up our cross is what Jesus calls that. This is the Christian life, growing in humility and obedience after the model of Jesus. That sounds impossible but it is the only way to find fulfillment in life because it is what you were made for. This is the "Great Exchange" of Christianity. Trading my self worth and glory which will always amount to nothing more than ashes for the righteousness, beauty, and glory of being united with Jesus.