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House Cleaning
By: Chris Culver

Philippians 3:7-8

One of the interesting things about watching children grow up is realizing how little growing up I've actually done. After Christmas I watched as he discarded former treasures to make room for the new ones. Toys that he once carried everywhere have been boxed up and will be hauled off because now they are in the way. From loved to liability.

This is how Paul talks about his former life. He had real accomplishments and advantages, his life was full of superlative grounds for boasting. But now, all that has been swept away. His status, position and the attention he received aren't just less important, they are positively harmful now; he has to rid himself of the pride and selfishness that come with them to make room for Christ. There is nothing that deserves place in his life now except Jesus. It is rubbish to be discarded because of how amazing Jesus is! Nothing will ever be as valuable, nothing will make you feel more loved, nothing will satisfy you more. It is time for house cleaning. Memorize this.