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Psalm 37:5-6
By: Chris Culver

by Caitlin Estes

It can be infuriating when we see people get ahead in life who make bad choices, hurt others, or don’t follow the rules. Even the psalmist felt this way, hundreds of years ago.
     What’s expressed in Psalm 37 isn’t just a whiny complaint about others, though. It strikes on a much deeper fear of humanity -- that we’ll miss out on the good life. We’re afraid our time here will be wasted, our work will be fruitless, and our love unreturned.
     Maybe we should take things into our own hands – like those people getting ahead! – and take our chances at making our own way.
     The psalmist is telling us that despite all the things wrong with the world – unearned promotions, violence and murder, gossipers and snobs, dishonest leaders, and unjust systems – we have a God who has promised us good. Not just any good, but an ultimate good -- greater than anything we could gain ourselves.
     Unlike our fear, this promise gives us rest. We can trust in this God who loves us! He tells us not to fret but to be still before the Lord, trusting in Him! We are to live our lives full of the fruit of his Spirit, keeping our eyes on Him and our trust in the Son who has settled our fears.
     God is always at work on our behalf, for our good. This is something worth memorizing.