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Helping Beaumont
By: Chris Culver

A little East from Houston is Beaumont. Many of the pictures you've seen on the news of people floating down neighborhood streets are from Beaumont. Hurricane Harvey hit Beaumont hard. They are currently without power and water. Sojourn Beaumont, a church in our network, is still there doing all it can to care for the community. If you want to help out here are a couple of ways.   You can give financially. They need money now for supplies and they will need help rebuilding homes and lives in the city. You can give here now or you can give at church on Sunday and we will forward the money to them. Put down that it is for hurricane relief.   You can collect supplies such as pillows, toiletries, and clothes. There is list of their needs here. We will be collecting supplies this Sunday, September 10th, to load on a trailer headed to Beaumont on Monday.   If you can give, please do. The church, as it should be, is the hands and feet of Christ rushing to rebuild and love and serve.