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By: Chris Culver

We are not sharing this post on social media. It isn't a secret, it's just personal. Feel free to point others here through an email or a text, but we ask that you don't share this on social media, it isn't for that.   I've watched this testimony many times. I saw early edits and previewed the final. It is a beautiful story of God's work among us. But nothing compared to hearing this man bear witness to the slavery of sin and the power of God over it in the congregation. To watch this with BCC was almost overwhelming. Near the end I looked at Brian and asked him to get up and pray because I didn't know if my emotions would let me stand. With tears in his eyes he shook his head, "No way." Another member who was there said they wanted to lie down in the corner and weep with grief over their sin and joy over the God who loves enough to deal with it. The God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob is still at work among his people. We are called to testify in the congregation of his works among us. This is part of Taylor's testimony.