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I am Ashamed
By: Chris Culver

Sunday we sang a new song titled I Am Ashamed as a corporate confession. Brian did a perfect job of introducing the song to us, drawing our attention to the movement of the song which begins in the first person, describing the aching experience of a morally diseased world and the personal spiral that drags us into self-justified hatred. "The world's a moral wilderness, and I have felt its blight."

But the gospel intervenes and teaches us to contemplate the cross. What a stunningly beautiful line! On the cross we see the bitter cost paid for our sin as rage is unleashed on Jesus who returns the malice with love. The cross shows us that love is not impotent but instead it is victorious. Jesus shows us how to live and trust. This is where I fail over and over again and our confession is that I am ashamed and need forgiveness. Lord, save us from our hate, overwhelm us with the story of the cross, and teach us to contemplate the cross.

You can read more about the song and download it here.