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By: Chris Culver

Everyone has a guiding light, the thing, idea, thought, philosophy, or feeling that informs all of their decisions. In Isaiah's song about Jesus he says that all of these guiding lights are just made up. Invented out of fear or shame or inadequacy. They aren't really lights at all. They give a little taste of what we want, promise everlasting happiness, but they only lead to misery.

But there is a true light. Isaiah tells us that the Servant (Jesus) will be the light. He will show us how to live, the meaning of our lives, and the end of our eternity. The way the Servant reveals, the only way, is a way of giving. The Servant's way is one of sacrifice, generosity, and suffering. Also, it's the way of love, joy, peace, and eternal life. The false lights can be appealing. They promise no sacrifice, prosperity, and avoiding suffering. That's an appealing light! But they are lies that do not lead to love, joy, peace, or eternal life.

What is your guiding light? What undoes you? What makes you impatient and frustrated? Find the false light and get rid of it! It's leading you down a deadly path. Jesus' light is so much better, since it is the only true light.