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Read God's Word With Us This Year
By: Chris Culver

Sunday I'm going to convince you that reading the Bible daily is without a doubt one of the most helpful things you can do this year. Until then, trust me that after Sunday you will believe that you really should and want to read the Bible every day and start today.

If you don't already have a plan I invite you to join the plan we'll be using: For the Love of God. This is a schedule developed by D.A. Carson and I like it for several reasons. Each day the reading includes sections from four different parts of the Bible so every day you get a short reading from an OT history, a prophet, a Gospel, and another NT writing. D.A. Carson includes some enlightening comments each day.

It is available in almost every way imaginable. You Version's Bible app (iPhone, Android, web) is a great option for several reasons. It will remind you daily to read, if you read in the ESV the app will read it to you during your commute, and you can share with friends that you are reading so they can help encourage you. Plus, you can post comments and questions on a verse.

But if apps aren't your thing and you're and inbox zero kind of person you can have it emailed to you. Or check it out online. Here is a free pdf of the book. Or you can even order a real life copy of the book.

I'm going to add a reading from the Psalms every day because they are helpful, but this is a good plan. Start reading even if you aren't yet convinced that this is important. Start 2017 with the end of 2017 in mind. Who do you want to be when 2018 rolls around? If your desire is to hear Jesus say, "Well done my good and faithful servant," then reading what God has said to us in His Word is essential. This is shaping and for your eternal good. I promise.

Grace & peace