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True North
By: Chris Culver
"Wage the good warfare, holding faith and a good conscience. By rejecting this, some have made shipwreck of their faith." -Paul to Timothy


Are you ready to go to war? That’s what Paul says the Christian life is like, waging war. Your primary weapon? A compass. Hold on…I’m mixing metaphors. I've decided it’s okay. Christians long for peace; how can we be waging war? We long for peace in this world by waging war against lies and sin. When Jesus was on trial for his life he was asked if he was king by a representative of the earthly king. Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Not yet. This war we wage is not against people in this world, it is a spiritual battle to keep our lives on course, headed to God. We fight against lies.   Some start out headed towards God but over time they slowly drift off course and end up making a shipwreck of their faith. A horrific image. They stop fighting the battle against the lies. They stopped looking at their compass, the thing that points true north through the lies. They begin to believe that their jobs, homes, families, or sports team provide the way to something solid. Staying on course requires work. Drifting just happens. That is what makes the Bible, worship, and prayer indispensable. They are your compass, always pointing true north. Your passions, ideas, and even thoughts may deceive you but God’s Word will not. It is the light that illuminates the way. Go to war against the lies! We must also fight to be obedient. Many people have tried to recalibrate their compass.   We can get caught up in sin and lying weak passions that make us doubt the compass. Fight! Trust the Word of the God that made you and loves you. Every day pick up your compass and let it guide you. Trust in God. Be afraid of the rocks.