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Whose Glory Do You Want?
By: Chris Culver

We all want glory. We want to matter. To have significance. We want it so much that we can be satisfied with reflected glory. We affiliate ourselves with athletic teams in hopes of being in some small way associated with their glory. Or we fight to be next to those that we feel have glory. It makes us feel significant in a world that can seem vast and cold. We want to be seen. Jesus did not seek his own glory. He abandoned the glory he had to pursue humanity. He sought to obey and the Father glorified him. We are offered nothing less than to participate in the glory of Jesus. The cost? Abandoning the pursuit of our own glory to follow him. It is a simple matter of what we give weight to. Do the person, words and promises of Jesus have more weight in our lives than the pursuit of our own glory? When we see Jesus for who he is, we will follow him anywhere. Pray, "we wish to see Jesus."